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Learning to Sail

Captain John turned us on to the most efficient way to loop the loop, by sailboat. What I recall of his arguements include the fact that sailboats are designed to move easily through the water with the slightest of breeze. "As a result, it requires a very minimum amount of horse power to move these vessels through the water." They also lend themselves immediately to extended exploring beyond the loop if and or when you feel the calling.

These arguements plus our/my simple long held wish to learn to sail had us casting about for sailing schools in the area. We concluded that the good folks at Alum Creek Sailing Association would serve us well, being a short drive from our home in Worthington Hills. And it happened we were early enough in registering that there was room in their April 2016 class for the two of us.

We dove into nautical lore with gusto! Over a period of 6 weeks we worked through the workbooks, learned the lingo and how not to tie knots. We learned the differnce between jibs and jibes, port from starboard, and reef knots from reefs. The sailing was so fun and break from the corporate grind so refreshing, by the time the month and a half of lessons was up we did not want to stop.

How to keep it up? Simple right? Find a reasonable sized boat we can tow with my GTI and a place to store it close to the lake. The search began. We spread the word at the ACSA that we were in the market. Immediately it was pointed out that a boat with a slip already at the marina was up for sale, her master having been recently called back home to Boston.

What is this vessel? Let's have a look. It turns out we had walked by it every time we went out on the docks, blind to its presence, disctracted by all we had been taking in. Meet Wicked Pissah (it's a New England thing, means "really good") ...

As you can see this is not something one might tow behind a Volkwagen Golf, even a GTI. Wicked Pissah is a sloop, a 1988 O'Day 272LE. Just shy in length overall of the marina's maximum of 28 feet. WHAT?? We just barely learned how to sail! I was thinking more along the lines of a 2 person sailing dinghy, maybe 18 feet. A 27 foot sloop, a single screw with a 10 HP diesel engine? Get real! Needless to say, we continued our search.

But not for long. A couple of the good folks at ACSA pursuaded us that the we would very quickly outgrow any other smaller vessel. Besides, we had been learning on 22-24' vessels for the past couple of months. But really? A 27 foot sailboat, out of the gate? Yup.

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