• Melinda

Tampa Bay: Eating and Paddling

Updated: Feb 5

We stayed with friends over the holidays. The long stopover allowed extra time to take delivery of our Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. It fits two, plus one dog. We've been out paddling three times already. Max has been in the Bay at least six times. There are sandbars all over, so Max can walk around a bit to cool off. We still have not gotten used to the warm weather at Christmas time, but we will suffer through it.

We have paddled the Upper Tampa Bay Park Twice and once at Mobbly Bayou Preservation Area. The Bayou has paddle trails that flow through the mangrove trees. It makes for a more visually interesting trip.

We've had a great layover here in Tampa, visiting our friends. We have had Stone Crab Claws at Rumba, New Year's Eve at Salt Rock, at least three trips to Surf Shack for Taco Thursday. Lots of good restaurants here in Tampa. We walked around Safety Harbor on New Year's Day. I love the vibe, and if I had to pick a spot to live in Tampa, this would be it. Safety Harbor is full of cute little houses, locally-run bars, restaurants, and shops.

I have also found time to do some sketching. The iPad and Procreate App are my new favorite form of entertainment.

We will spend the next couple of days cleaning and re-packing the camper and truck. We are heading up to Panama City (Cue the Van Halen music) this weekend.

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