• Melinda

The Big Easy

By special request, mine, we made a short stop in New Orleans. We camped at Saint Bernard State Park in Saint Bernard Parish just southeast of New Orleans. It's winter here, and the trees at the campground have no leaves, and the water table is lower than usual — the advantage being no gaters. The disadvantage the bogues look like something out of a voodoo horror film. The hiking trail was a little too wet to walk, but we made an effort.

The main attraction was a trip to the French Quarter. This was a highlight of the trip for me. Our timing was bad because the Saint's playoff game was scheduled for Sunday, so we went in early on Saturday morning. Our first stop was the famous Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets. Max enjoyed the beignets, but we talked him out of drinking the coffee. He was a good boy all day. I loved the French Quarter. I would have loved to live here in my younger days. Mark and I enjoyed the Riverwalk. We also enjoyed ice cream daiquiris at 10 in the morning (It's the earliest I have ever started drinking). Day drinking and "To Go" cups are away of life in the French Quarter.

Back in the camper, to add to the experience, we watched movies that were set in New Orleans: "Interview with a Vampire," "The Big Easy," and "Runaway Jury."

To top off our trip, we had take-away from a local place. I had Crawfish Cajun Pasta, and Mark had Pot Roast. Very tasty.

Texas is next on the list.

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